The Organisation:

The Thunderbird School of Global Management is the oldest and largest graduate school of international business in the United States. Founded in 1946 in Phoenix ( Arizona), the school reflected the post-World War II shift towards a global economy and has changed with the times to provide international business leaders with the tools they need to be successful in today’s culturally diverse business environment.

Thunderbird consistently ranks among the bests in the world in international business education and entrepreneurship and among the Top 10 worldwide in executive education.

Thunderbird is often called a mini-United Nations, with people from over 60 nations represented in its student body. These diverse global citizens bring cultural insight to every academic and social interaction.

Conducting business as ethical global citizens is Thunderbirds’ pledge.

Thunderbird’s mission is to educate global leaders who create sustainable prosperity worldwide.

Thunderbird School of Global Management has a broad geographical reach, with antenas in top centers for interantional business and grade ( e.g. Geneva, Moscow, Phoenix…).

SymbioSwiss Involvement:

Claude Béglé has several times be sollicited to give lectures at Thunderbird’s events. And SymbioSwiss strives whenever possible to assist Thunderbird Geneva’s office.


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