Kyron Inc


Main Business:

It is a new-age Global Accelerator for early stage technology start-ups, capitalizing on India’s innovative spirit. Kyron is looking for innovative concepts and awesome entrepreneurial teams who have the potential to disrupt the global consumption ecosystem. They are offered with a full training and support, with access to global knowhow, managerial, financial and technical support to market. Against it, Kryon gets 10% equity in those start-ups.

Date Founded:

Q1 2013

Date SymbioSwiss Entered:

Q1 2013


Lalit Ahuja, John Cook, Larry Glaeser and Dr. Thomas Duening, a few others and Claude Béglé


Bangalore ( India).

Development Stage:

Early stage. First cohorte successfully gromed ( completed).

Potential Funding:

Private investors, mainly Swiss, German and American. Detailed offering memorandum and business plan ready for second investment round.

Market Potential:

Kyron provides financial support and business knowhow to the selected champions. Due to it, several of them have already increased five to ten times their value. A few pursue already their development in the Silicon Valley. Important scalability foreseen.



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