Wholistic Approach

The purpose of SymbioSwiss Sustainability is to participate to the global reflection on environmental topics.

SymbioSwiss Sustainability is an organization with a systemic and holistic view about sustainable development, environmental preservation, climate change, traditional and new energy supply, efficiency and storage, water management, waste handling and recycling, as well as the CleanTech Technologies.

Its activity can take the form of a participation to global or local think tanks, governmental or NGO’s bodies, academic research programmes or consultancy.

The first activity completed in this area by SymbioSwiss Chairman has been the set-up of a Sino-German-Conference in Chong Qing about «Sustainable Urbanization», with the Deputy Chancelor Walter Steinmeier and Mr. Bo Xilai, General Secretary of the Chong Qing Communist Party.

Then SymbioSwiss was given the responsibility by the Geneva State Council (i.e. Regional Government) to design a CleanTech Strategy: how to establish an internationally recognized CleanTech center of expertise in Western Switzerland.

The University of Geneva also mandated SymbioSwiss to launch a reflexion about sustainable development and the conditions necessary to launch a Public Policies Observatory in the field of the environment.

Currently, SymbioSwiss Sustainability main activities are:

  • Participation to the Clinton Global Initiative (with an active project through Swiss NeWater and another together with EHL.)
  • Participation to the Arnold Schwarzenegger’s R20 (the SymbioSwiss Chairman being a R20 Ambassador)
  • Participation to the Swiss Confederation CleanTech Export Platform Cleantech Switzerland (the SymbioSwiss Chairman being a member of the Board)
  • Participation to the EHL (Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne) initiative to establish together with the CGI a worldwide sustainable hospitality platform.
  • Participation to the ESSEC sustainability think tank ( the SymbioSwiss Chairman being a member of ESSEC’s International Advisory Board).
  • Participation to the UCF project, whose aim is to address supply chain and logistics issues in the fast growing Asian megacities. A comprehensive study has been realized to develop in Singapore an integrated underground supply chain system, with manufacturing centers and bounded warehouses, connected by tunnels and a mecatronic system among themselves, with the habour and with the airport, leading to a 90% reduction of the energy needed and a 95% decrease of CO² emissions. SymbioSwiss has a 20% equity stake in UCF Asia.

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