Company Selection Criteria


Clean Tech, Hospitality, Logistics, Communication and Information Technology, FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), Med Tec and Financial Services. SymbioSwiss remains open to other industry sectors if the project shows outstanding profitability prospects over a reasonably short term.


Management must have a proven track record or the project must be led by an entrepreneur able to demonstrate clearly that he or she has the ability to develop a sustainable business with a convincing business model that can scale up.

Stage of Development:

Early to medium stage. Growth stage is appealing, especially as SymbioSwiss has staff with a proven track record of successfully growing existing companies from a small footprint to a large market share.


A sizeable market for the company’s product must be demonstrated.

Current Funding:

A requirement for SymbioSwiss participation is that the company has raised some funding and in particular that the founder has invested some personal funds.


No particular geographical location is preconized by SymbioSwiss, however an international scope is to be given a strong priority as well as the product/service showing a demonstrable scalability (as mentioned above).


For start-ups, SymbioSwiss has a preference to invest in companies with a minimum of competition or at least a very strong USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

Other SymbioSwiss Requirements:

Participation in equity either for cash or for services rendered. Involvement by one or more SymbioSwiss staff in a consulting or hands-on role is preferred. Investee company should remain open to having a SymbioSwiss senior representative sit on its board.


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