Business Approach

The purpose of the SymbioSwiss Club of Entrepreneurs, with a business-oriented vision, is to select innovative ventures or companies, invest in them together with other partners and play a significant role in the management of such companies, with a view to achieve the growth and international scaling-up of such entities, so that they can deliver superior returns.
The SymbioSwiss Club of Entrepreneurs is clearly a for-profit organization. The selected portfolio companies can be located in various business sectors, such as cleantech/water, hospitality, smartphone applications, etc…

Some of the projects in portfolio are still at an early stage, but SymbioSwiss aim is to gradually move towards more established companies, one of its main strenghts being in the development and international scaling-up of high-potential products or concepts.

The business activities of SymbioSwiss Club of Investors can be identified in four categories

  • Direct investments in portfolio companies
  • Participation to Business Angels network
  • Consultancy (to third parties or to companies where SymbioSwiss Executive Chairman sits Board)
  • Intra-preneurship (stimulating innovation in existing organization)
  • To which can be added a few non-for-profit activities


Direct Investements Business Angels Consulting Intra-Preneurship
Swiss NeWater CIG Board of Directors Advisory (InnoSymbio)
Talk Musically BAS (Data Mining)
AquaRossa Go-Beyond (Postal Advisory)
Kyron (Others)

+ non-for-profit


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