SwissNeWater S.A.


Main Business:
Generation of cleaning solution respectful of the environment. The technology electrolyzes water using high-tech electrodes. This electrolyzed water is able to clean, degrease and disinfect at the same time in an effective, economical and environmental friendly manner.

The technology has different applications such as hospitality, offices and commercial surfaces, industrial cleaning and disinfection, food processing, agriculture, hospitals, B to C, water purification, etc.

Date Founded:
Q1 2011, (the technology has been developed over ten years.)

Date SymbioSwiss Entered:
Same as above. SymbioSwiss is a co-founder.

SymbioSwiss role:
Funding, incubation, participating in the general strategy elaboration, implementation, sourcing executive professionals, as well as commercial expansion and geographical scaling-up, link with the Clinton Global Initiative, link with CTI ( Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation).

Claude Béglé (Co-Chairman), Hans Fluri (Co-Chairman), Hanspeter Steffen, Philippe Massey, Nicolas Eichenberger, Arnaud Béglé, Thierry Michelon

Pully, Switzerland.

Development Stage:
Early stage. Prototype machines developed, some pilot projects in place, coached by CTI. First sales expected 2014.

Current Funding:
So far 100% seed money provided by the founders (+ seed money Canton VD). Need to raise more capital. Detailed Investors Memorandum with precise business plan ready.

Market Potential:
Very large due to the multiplicity of applications around the world and the rather cheap cost of producing the end product (due to low energy consumption).

Environmental Benefits:
SwissNewater has a powerful environmental impact by enabling to clean and disinfect in variety of fields, through a non-toxic environmental safe product.



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