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SymbioSwiss is a Switzerland-based organization with a global scope. Its dual objective is:
  1. to contribute to an improvement of the economic, environmental and social development of the world, and
  2. to boost entrepreneurship and innovation by accompanying selected companies or projects able to bring about a change of paradigm.

The purpose of SymbioSwiss Sustainability is to participate to the global reflection on environmental topics, climate change, energy supply and efficiency, water management, waste treatment and recycling, as well as the development of the CleanTech technologies.
Club of Entrepreneurs
The purpose of the SymbioSwiss Club of Entrepreneurs, with a business-oriented vision, is to select innovative ventures or companies, invest in them together with other partners and play a significant role in the management of such companies, with a view to achieve the growth and international scaling-up of such entities, so that they can deliver superior returns.
think tanks
Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) The mission of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) is to gather ideas, commitments, and ultimately concrete contributions from its members... more »
ucf The Organization: The UCF project is a new conceptual approach of an underground supply chain and distribution system for large Asian urban areas... more »
r20 The R20 Regions of Climate Action is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 by (then) Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger... more »
The School of Hotel Management in Lausanne (EHL) The School of Hotel Management in Lausanne (EHL) is a world wide recognized leading hospitality school... more »
Cleantech Switzerland Cleantech Switzerland was developed by the Swiss Government as part of its economic stabilization measures... more »
r20 For over a century, ESSEC has been developing a state-of-the-art business educational program that gives the individual his place... more »
Swiss-Africa Chamber of Commerce more »
swiss newater Generation of electrolyzed water through an electro chemical activation process using diamond electrodes. more »
talk mucically Platform geared at discovering new music and sharing it in real time with peers through mobile phones. To be perceived as a significant player in the mobile music space. more »
acqua resort and spa New paradigm in hotel management, where the priority is centered around the comfort of children vacationing with their parents in a very comfortable spa/resort more »
kyron It is a new-age Global Accelerator for early stage technology start-ups, capitalizing on India's innovative spirit. more »
smartitns Start-up that has developed a totally innovative technology to measure, analyze, improve and control mixtures. Better representation and monitoring of the homogeneity more »
tecuro Tecuro proposes a novel product for female patients suffering from recurrent urinary tract infections: an effective disinfectant solution... more »
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