EHL (Hotel Management School, Switzerland)


The Organisation:

The School of Hotel Management in Lausanne (EHL) is a world wide recognized leading hospitality school , which is part of the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland ( HES-SO).
EHL provides the solid management education of a top business school while basing its programmes on its own unique educational philosophy: hospitality management as both a science and an art, with theoretical as well as practical courses.
The School of Hotel Management in Lausanne was the first hotel school created in the world. It was founded over a hundred years ago, in 1893, during the “Belle Epoque “ when Switzerland was experiencing an unprecedented boom in tourism and there was an urgent need for skilled and professional personnel, at every level from management down. It is now a very international educational organization with students coming from all over the world.

SymbioSwiss Involvement:

Claude Béglé is an Advisor to the Management of the EHL school, as it relates to the research and the education of how to implement cleaner and “greener” applications in the real world of the hotel and restaurant business. As we move forward in time, and a healthier approach to the environment takes stronger root in all facets of our world, this aspect of hotel and restaurant management is more than likely to grow in importance within the curriculum of School of Hotel Management in Lausanne.
SymbioSwiss helped EHL to join the CGI network, with a commitment to develop an integrated «Sustainable Hospitality» programme, including the creation of a Sustainability Chair, a comprehensive research on that topic, quarterly updates, a yearly high-level conference on Sustainable Hospitality Best Practices, the launch of a customer-based “ Hospitality Index ”, and possibly as well the construction of a Cleantech Hotel.


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