Essec Business School, France

The Organisation:

For over a century, ESSEC has been developing a state-of-the-art business educational program that gives the individual his place in its learning model, promoting the values of freedom, openness, innovation and responsibility. Preparing future managers to reconcile personal interests with collective responsibility, giving consideration to the common good in their decision-making, and weighing economic challenges against the social costs are some of the objectives ESSEC has set for itself.
Such a different approach compared to traditional business schools, ESSEC creates new paradigm. ESSEC is a business school with several campuses located in France. It has an outstanding reputation in its home country as well as abroad. It has just opened a new campus in Singapore. As part of its Social Responsibility approach, ESSEC is particularly engaged in the field of Sustainable Development.

SymbioSwiss Involvement:

Claude Béglé sits on the ESSEC’s International Advisory Board, with a particular inclination for topics such as the sustainability development, environmental considerations and entrepreneurship.


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